Why before my birthday many people get depressed?

Unwanted gifts.After the birthday party, received gifts and lay them before you, do not know what to do with all this stuff. To whom to re-gift? To throw or use as directed? As a close friend could give such an unnecessary thing, really to me he doesn’t know or he didn’t want to do that for me.

I never liked to give gifts, keep it. All the shelves were lined with Souvenirs: candles, figurines, toys. Not so long ago was just to give to relatives and colleagues, with whom close contact. Even kept all the postcards. And this year, on New year’s made them bulk toys-balls.

Old friends.I guess everyone has friends with whom we communicate only once a year. To be more precise, only in the birthday hear from them with warm words and wishes all the best. Someone nice, but I don’t. Why they remember me only then, when “my day”?

— Happy birthday! I wish you happiness, health, love, financial prosperity and everything! How’s it going? — Thanks!

On the day of birth as it is not accepted to complain, but then you do not understand. And I want to say: “Ask me tomorrow about my business!” It is clear that this is not friends, and old friends, a past stage in life, the people whose views diverged. So whether or not to congratulate each other?

Another year.Birthday realize that was another year older. Summarize the results of past years. Think about what you have achieved, I do not have time to do. Try to analyze how to survive the next year to accomplish everything I had planned. Looking for excuses to not change jobs, not bought the apartment, blame the crisis and the instability of the current situation in the country. Make plans, dream about what will make for the next birthday.

The financial aspect of the celebration of the birthday of concern to many. Especially when a person has average income. I want to spend on your birthday not more that will give relatives and friends. I think I understand those who after the celebration considers the issue and receipt. And when remain still and gifts, then the mood starts to creep up.

Preparations for the holiday.Preparation is always time consuming. You need to consider all options. House — birthday party for relatives. At work for colleagues. In a cafe or restaurant with friends. For home you need to prepare decorations, make a menu, buy food, cook, set the table, and then midnight to wash the dishes after the guests had gone. At work, too, will have to sweat. To run to the store to cut… Well, at least in the cafe you can relax a little!

Let’s be honest, many have these thoughts in my head. How can that be? Need to relax, not think about anything in your holiday. It is better to entrust the organization of the holiday to friends or relatives and not bother with all sorts of nonsense. We need to treat one more year with humor. Every happiness comes in time, and therefore at different ages. And miracles happen, the main thing — to believe and not give up!

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