Why face gets red?

Lately I have often blushes and burns like the face. Can’t figure out what it is, because I am healthy, I am 45 years old. To what doctor to address? It seems to be nothing, but I’m not a schoolgirl on a first date, somehow undignified me blush!

Svetlana, Ekaterinburg

Maria Haluzova, beautician, an employee of the cosmetology centre “Ephedra”, Yekaterinburg:

– Dear Svetlana, let’s consider the main reasons. Maybe this will help you determine the doctor will prompt, in what direction to move.

So, the first assumption from a doctor-dermatologist. The fact that the redness of the skin may respond to Allergy: for example, you use a new soap, new cosmetics or care products. Try to trace whether there is a response to the “assistants of beauty.” Eliminate all and 1 time in 2 days return a product. So you can see the cream, powder or facial wash you are allergic. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, it is only necessary to withdraw the product from use, and redness of the face will go away by itself. Also help to quickly cope with the problem of desensitization, that is, anti-allergic medicines.

Marina Gracheva, doctor-cardiologist of the 1st category Moscow:

– I can assume that the facial flushing associated with hypertension. The pressure increase leads to an increase in vessel diameter and thus blood supply that can give you such here a pathological blush. To test my hypothesis is quite simple.

Should be three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening) to measure blood pressure. And in those moments when you feel the heat or see the redness of the face in the mirror. Tonometer will be given numbers and if they exceed 110-120 70-80 mm Hg. article, I recommend to consult the therapist or the cardiologist. The doctor will prescribe you a full examination will establish the cause of hypertension, its stage and severity. And only then will pick up treatment. Moreover, it will include not only medicines, but also advice on lifestyle changes.Essential to fight against hypertension:

Proper rest and sleep.

Feasible daily exercise and fresh air.

Rational diet, excluding salinity, marinades and smoked. Food with emphasis on vegetables, fruits, lean meat and fish and dairy products.

Quitting Smoking and alcohol.

Natalia Kuzina, PhD, a gynecologist of 1st category, Yekaterinburg:

– As a gynecologist, I can say that the attacks of redness of face with sensation of heat can be referred to the tides and observed in the period of menopause. Menopause (menopause) – is a fading of ovarian, decreased production of female sex hormones, respectively, the function of procreation.

Typically, the menopausal period is characterized not only by tidal reddening of the face, but also excessive sweating, irritability, mood swings, decreased sexual desire and irregular menstruation. To understand, how it or not, I recommend to undergo a gynecological examination and to donate blood on hormones.

There are natural fitoestrogeny drug correction of hormonal background, allowing in this difficult period of reshaping the female body feel fresh and healthy.

Vladimir Lushnikov, doctor of higher category, specialist in rehabilitation medicine, Volgograd:

– Redness accompanied by fits of rage, anger or indignation.

Perhaps you do not even notice and it happens gradually. But in a moment of irritation, our body reacts that way – pupils dilate, blood pressure, red face. Think about it: maybe something has been actively irritate you at work or home, some sort of trouble who do not let go your thoughts? In such cases, a good helping of regular auditory training, the sedative herbs (Valerian, motherwort, Melissa), or mild sedatives that you can assign to a neurologist after the consultation. I recommend before going to bed to take a bath with pine extract – it tones the nervous system, making it more resistant to external irritants.

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