Why no one understand me?

Nothing terrible happens. Almost everyone in their life has experienced something similar. Only someone this sad state lasted for a week, and someone cannot get out of it over the years.

Everyone strives to find someone who will understand. But sometimes you and in themselves can not understand, where here others to keep track of the changes your worldview! Everyone is different, and you find the second unlikely. Every person is unique and not similar to another.

Not looking for someone who will understand you a hundred percent. Even when people are talking about the same thing, they put different meanings to the same words. The longer you communicate with someone, the more I understand that he thinks differently from you.

We are all actors playing roles, and create certain images, without knowing it. At work, another at home, with a young man or friends third… It’s all you, but different people Express themselves in different ways. And all these people see only one side of your. Should not blame them — they see what you show.

One way out — if you want to achieve something from people, speak directly about what you need. No one will guess when you want attention and what it is looking for support.

Moping and being sad is common to all. Sometimes it’s even beneficial. But if your eyes are constantly wet, flashes of inexplicable aggression, quickly get tired and can’t concentrate, feel tired and drained, you are becoming indifferent to serious thoughts of suicide, then it’s time to think about their health. These can be symptoms of diseases like neurasthenia, depression. In varying degrees, they are subject to almost all people, but this does not mean that they should get rid of. Sometimes require the assistance of a therapist, but often people can help themselves.

You need to rest. It is best to change the situation — to go somewhere away from the current environment. Can take light sedatives, but don’t get too smart — not myself prescribe antidepressants or anti-anxiety pill, as you will only hurt. Of sedatives will suit you herbal infusions. Do some sport or dancing — this will allow you to put your ideas in order to escape. In addition, thanks to physical exercise the brain produces endorphins, which affect the emotional state and reduce pain.

Select one hour during which anything will not be distracted. As you sit comfortably, close your eyes and imagine in my head of you sitting by the watchman, who does not let the head of any one thought. Whatever it was — important or small, as soon as there is some semblance of reasoning, your “warden” must immediately expel the thought with the words: “bye!”. And so in an hour say goodbye to everything, what will want to think about. To do this exercise you need to regularly.

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