Why the film “Love lives three years” better than the book?

After the movie Ian Kounen “99 francs”, not earned much of fame, Frederic Beigbeder decided to follow the advice of the popular French proverb “you Want something done right, do it yourself”. Your novel “the Love lives three years” it took to film yourself.

This happens increasingly, the boundaries between the professions is rapidly erased, and press portraits like “writer, actor, Director, composer, vet, naturalist” do not surprise anyone.

“Love lives three years”is much better book – but only because the book is terribly bad: dull, boring, and filled with philosophical reflections, which will impress only those who never think with your head.

The plot of the two-hour film is quite different from the novel. But one thing: the hero is divorcing his wife after three years of happy life and tries to overcome this boundary with the next girlfriend. Like in the book, in the end, big dots – in fact, we did not know, could it or not. The plot of the finale is quite different, but the meaning is the same: happy hugs, elation, that’s kind of all going to be okay, but…

In the book the final fly in the ointment for the reader serve as the clock to a three-year period has a moment (and we imagine how after this moment the love of whistling leaves the bodies of the characters), the film is a giant wave coming at the kissing couple.

In the film, more characters, more variety, more stories. It’s better than a multi-page monologue about himself. And most importantly, the characters are much nicer than in the book, and very much is, of course, the merit of the actors.

Gaspard Proustsimilar to enhanced Beigbeder, Louise Bourgoincharming toothy French charm. Looking at these characters, you can believe that, theoretically, someone could love them. Reading the same book, wonder how you can suffer a piece of cardboard.

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