Wind of destruction: the Central region is approaching cyclone

On March 27 the capital’s weather forecasters declared an “orange” level of danger because of the strong wind.

As reported in the Hydrometeorological center of Russia, “orange” level warns of possible natural disasters. The next level is “red” is the most disturbing.

March 28 and 29, the Moscow region will be on the Western periphery of the high and powerful anticyclone. Meanwhile, the region fit the deep North Atlantic cyclone. The wind will intensify in the centres of these atmospheric vortices due to the difference in atmospheric pressure, explained the Meteorologist.

The night of 28 March in Moscow and Moscow region, the wind gusts will reach 17 meters per second, and 19 m/s. on March 29 wind will remain strong. Windy weather will be established in the Central region until April 1.

According to forecasters, the weather has not yet switched to summer mode, so motorists don’t advise to change winter tires.

The air temperature in the coming days, just 2-3 degrees above the zero mark. Possible precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow.

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