Yevgeny Yasin: the Bank “Ugra” on the background of the struggle of the security forces with economists

Columnist Yevgeny Yasin – about the next attack of the financial regulator to the banking sector.

For several years, the Central Bank headed by Elvira Nabiullina performs cleaning of the Russian banking system, which over time was built as a prop for personal gain. The General line of the Central Bank aims to ensure that all was according to the law, to the banking sector has become transparent.

The story of the Bank “Ugra”, which is developing before our eyes now is very different from all previous situations with the bankrupt banks. A lot happened for the first time.

First, it came to the Bank, which is in the top 30. Second, the payoff began almost immediately, as soon as it was introduced external control. Finally, for the first time intervened in the case, the Prosecutor General’s office.

The Agency asked the Central Bank to defer the start of payments, as he felt it inappropriate to introduce temporary management, as the Bank has the necessary liquidity and money. The Central Bank refused to fulfill this request.

It looks like the representatives of the power block (which can be part of the record the attorney General) waved roles with representatives of the economic block.

But I think the situation is. There are different interest groups, and representatives of some ran to find the truth in the Central Bank, representatives of the other to the Prosecutor General.

Perhaps many have the impression that the Central Bank is overdoing cleansing. But, sure, the Bank of Russia will achieve and we will have a civilized banking system. Central Bank today is one of the few government agencies that has proven to be highly effective.

And yet, as I understand it, the trust of President Putin to the Central Bank and its policies annoys many law enforcement agencies. Partly all this was evident in the history of the Bank “Ugra”.

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