You are all in the head? About stress, “grandmother’s” recipes and healthy hair

Reconstruction of hair I approached with all seriousness: Internet, survey, girlfriends, mothers. In smart articles wrote that one of the causes of alopecia (I now know the name of your enemy) is a lot of stress, but nothing of value, except the General advice in the spirit of “get more sleep, eat right”, was not. Friends divided into two camps: some are never encountered; others were themselves in search of operating funds.In the case were only a mother talking about homemade hair masks. Burdock oil for food; onions and garlic against hair loss; egg yolk — against dryness, and protein — excess fat (do not mix!). You can always add yogurt (for moisture) and cognac (don’t remember why, maybe to set the mood?)…

I immediately rejected the extreme version of a type of onions and garlic. To warm up I decided to test the mask with egg whites. Later it turned out that to wash the dried protein is not so easy, we had to turn the water as hot as possible, which has played a cruel joke with me — squirrels curled. The rest of the night I spent on brushing this “omelet” out of my head. And although the hair after the mask looked good, yet it is not my option.

Decided that the best way out would be to cut your hair. But when my hairdresser Nastya found out my plans was slightly taken aback and said: “Listen, can first is to treat the hair? One of my clients really helped the series, and Provokes. Well, just a whole new person!”. In the line, they say, are actually medical products, and to support the obtained results.

The next day I bought in a drugstorebalm-spray Alerana. The girl with the pharmacist confirmed that he is actively struggling with hair loss. Put on a clean scalp — no visible traces of it remained, greasy hair did not. In General, start to use it. And gradually, but quite noticeably, the hair was falling out less. After about a month after I started my “friendship” with Allianoi in the bathroom after shampooing and left not a single hair. To celebrate, I went to the drugstore, where he bought the mask, shampoo and conditioner from this series.

When I went to Nastya to get a haircut, she immediately noticed that the hair was “alive” and well-groomed and break new little hairs. I think She surprised herself how her advice turned out to be effective. As a thank you for him shea Stimulator of growth of eyelashes and eyebrows Aleranapresented. And I vitamins of the same brand want to buy to care inside and outside, and tothe contest from your hair, but

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