Celebrity Beauty Secrets from Mickey Williams

Celebrity Make-Up Artist and Beauty Expert Mickey Williams Will Discuss the Hottest Anti-Aging Methods, Beauty Products and Styles Secrets of the Stars and What They do to Prepare for the Big Night

Award season is in full swing and beloved celebrities will soon strut red-carpets and grace television screens flaunting ageless faces, perfect figures, flawless make-up, haute hair and style. Mickey Willams, celebrity beauty and make-up artist to the stars will reveal Hollywood’s winning beauty routines and anti-aging secrets from head to toe! From modern day hair restoration that quickly and discreetly restore tresses, to the latest minimally invasive lifting and repositioning method for the face, skincare that helps reverse the signs of aging, and the must-have secret items the stars don’t leave home without.

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This news story originally appeared at Beauty - on 19 April 2022