Evgeni Plushenko: with sports, it seems, I'm done

The second miracle happened. Winning the team figure skating competition, Evgeni Plushenko failed to win a medal also in singles. He starred after a warm-up before the short program because of back problems.

Evgeni Plushenko withdrew from the Olympics after a warm-up before the short program because of back problems, then went to explain to reporters:

“It all started yesterday at practice. Fell awkwardly after jumping. Felt the pain. But such problems I had during training in St. Petersburg. Woke up this morning, decided to practice. But he was able to skate just a few minutes. Then I decided that for lunch, everything goes. Drunk pills and become good.

I went out to warm-up with belief in miracles. But after landing after a triple Axel felt… like a knife in the back stick. Day drank a couple of pain pills, then before the short program and another two. It did not help.

I, of course, upset. Because I spent the whole year training is expected to act in team and individual tournament. But the back is not allowed. I think that God speaks to me: “Zhenya, you need to finish. Enough tests.” I guess I the only way to stop it was possible. Those who say that it was my plan to withdraw after the team competition. The plan was not – I went out to warm-up.

So, I think it is

the end of my Amateur career

. Age is not a problem, but I have endured 12 operations. I want to be healthy.

Now we need to checked by a doctor to restore back. Maybe in Israel, where I had surgery, maybe in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Let’s do the, let’s see how things are going. I want to be with family, to recover. You need the right approach to their health.

I’m glad we won gold in the team tournament. I see my future in the demonstrations. Prepare the show, which will be called “Plushenko is. Show of Champions”. It will last from year to year for decades. I have a lot of plans, but with sports, it seems, I’m done”.