Evolution Of Menswear | London Fashion Week

Evolution of Menswear | London Fashion Week | CircleZeroEight present MOVE |

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Men’s fashion week we will be doing a live conversation at the Groucho Club at 3pm on the 13th of June. The subject is the impact on sportswear on the fashion industry and focusing on its presence within the 10 years of men’s fashion week.
There isn’t really a set structure which is why I wanted to include colleagues , friends and family to be part of this conversation. Highlighting our favourite collections ,designers and how sportswear has changed the opinion of so many to become one of the most dominant factors within the fashion industry.

This will be chaired by the always incredible Stavros Karelis, with the CircleZeroEight team, Editor-in-Chief Elgar Johnson, Deputy Editor and Fashion Director Gary Armstrong, Fashion Editor Oliver Francis, Fashion Editor-at-Large Chris Amfo, Contributing Editor and journalist Lauren Cochrane, fashion designer Per Götesson, and co-founder of Sibling and fashion connector Cozette McCreery.

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This news story originally appeared at Entertainment News - on 20 June 2022