HELIOT EMIL ‘Primal Substance’ Spring Summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week Runway Show

HELIOT EMIL ‘Primal Substance’ Spring Summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week Runway Show

The SS23 Collection is titled ‘Primal Substance’. Creative Director Julius Juul was Inspired by the Bill Viola’s Art Piece: ‘Martyrs Composite’.

The artwork pictures the four prime elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air and their effects on the human body. Recorded in super slow-motion, the elements interact with the individuals to create a breathtaking visual experience. Taking this concept into consideration, the collection features various inspiration from the primal elements and their effects on the body, examples to highlight are; fabrics reacting to temperature change, using wind turbines to inflate garments, uniquely placed air slips, water resistant fabrics, and details like seam lines referencing the contour lines of earth.

The collection also features a concept collaboration with Alpinestars®, the world-leading manufacturer of professional motorsport performance gear. Alpinestars is named after the perennial Alpine star flower in latin known as the Leontopodium nivale. Found in remote mountain areas like the rocky limestone of the Alps at about 3000m altitude, the flower is able to withstand incredible conditions of the primal elements, referring back to the concept of the collection.

To further the sensory experience of the SS23 show, HELIOT EMIL collaborated with UNIFROM, a Swedish based fragrance house. HELIOT EMIL was especially fascinated with the innovative approach of interaction with perfume. Inspired by the concept of the collection, UNIFROM translates the vision into a scent infused with notes of Maté, Sichuan Pepper, Cedarwood and Cinnamon. HELIOT EMIL conceptualised a special perfume bag which integrates the perfume perfectly in the aesthetic of the brand. The scents are conceptualised in Stockholm, developed in Paris, and made in Grasse, all alcohol-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

In a continual exploration into the stimulation of different senses, Julius worked in close collaboration with sound and visual artist Lorem to create an artificial intelligence generated audio track for the show. Lorem is a trans-media project of artist and musician Francesco D’Abbracio. Fascinated by artificial intelligence and the ability of machine generated sound, Lorem works with neural networks and digital systems to create works with a strong narrative component. Lorem was invited to create his interpretation of the HELIOT EMIL SS23 collection for the show.

Creative Director: Julius Juul
Business Director: Victor Juul
Styling: Julius Juul
Casting: Ben Grimes
Hair: Beppe Delia, Beautick
Make-up: Rob Mambretti, Beautick
Production: Daniel Hettmann
Light Design: Hydra Design
Runway Photographer: Filippo Fior
Soundtrack: Francesco D’Abbraccio
Video Production: Studio Premices
Film Footage: Salvatore Caputo
Art direction: Fabio Caldera
Press: Karla Otto
Sales: 247twentyfourseven

SS23 Collaboration Partners:
Alpine Stars

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This news story originally appeared at Fashion - Beauty News on 7 February 2023