London Fashion Week JUNE, Capsule Collection 2023 , DiscoveryLAB

KINGWEN – London Fashion Week JUNE, Capsule collection 2023 , DiscoveryLAB

This season tells the story of a female in Edouard Bisson‘s oil painting turns into the butterfly and travels through the Red Chamber in her dream, aiming to combine modern aesthetics with classical style under the theme of romanticism.
Silhouettes takes their cue from the gauzy, ethereal female figure in Edouard Bisson‘s work. Draping, mohair, wool and soft fabrics like sheer chiffon that are highly structured yet remain delicate are applied to replicate the textures and pigments that reoccur in oil paintings.
There’s the consistent soft and fresh color palettes, in hues of black and white with the splashes of pink and green peaking through. Dark blue to lake blue, white to purple, the gradual color changing from the waist down creates a sense of lightness and free Chinese ink painting.
Pearl chains, vintage beads and sophisticated embroideries revive the luxurious and extravagant life of ancient noble females in The Red Chamber. The repeated amusement scene in the garden from classical oil painting inspired the use of multiple layers of organza. This season continues to explore the female form and femininity from both Eastern and Western perspectives.


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