MIKHEAL KA BHAUKAL Full Movie Dubbed In Hindi | Nivil Pauly, Unni Mukundan, Manjima Mohan

Businessman and gold smuggler George Peter and his driver are killed under mysterious circumstances. Police investigators Muhammed Easa and Isaac discover that it was carried out with a surgical blade, causing them to think a doctor was behind it. They start investigating medical shops. At the same time, Marco JR, George’s brother, meets Davis and his sons – their rivals – to ask whether it was their work. Davis’s son Abraham starts speaking in a condescending manner, enraging Marco and provoking him to shoot Abraham.During his funeral, Easa asks Davis if it was Marco. Davis does not tell him, thinking that he could seek revenge on his own.Some days after an unknown person shoots Patrick – the mid stander between the 2 gangs – Easa and Isaac take him to Star Hospital where he gets murdered despite being protected with maximum security. This solidifies Easa and Isaac’s theory that the murderer is a doctor.

Meanwhile, someone interrogates a pharmacist to know the truth over the murders. Both the gangs start believing that someone is after them.Isaac becomes suspicious of Easa since he earlier said that he had an informant but didn’t reveal anything about him. Isaac investigates on his own, discovering that Dr. Mikhael John, the casualty specialist of Star Hospital, is both the killer and the informant. He also understands that Easa is helping Mikhael since they had contacted each other several times. He tells Easa what he has learned in his investigation, forcing Easa to reveal everything in order to prevent the arrest of Dr. Mikhael. Easa explains that when Mikhael was 10 years old, he was involved in an accident that killed his father. Mikhael’s mother blamed him for his father’s death.

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