That will help to improve memory?

Memory problems are particularly noticeable occur with age. Is it possible to avoid or at least minimize their impact? Scientific studies have not yet found a panacea, but the authors of the latest work found effective means of combating the disorders of memory that is available to almost anyone.

Researchers from Taiwan have come to the conclusion that just one gram of turmeric at Breakfast improves memory almost the whole day. Memory health of patients suffering from disorders, scientists tested after some time after Breakfast with turmeric and compared the results to the examinees from the control group.

According to one of the authors, Professor Mark Walquist (Mark L Wahlqvist): “a Modest addition to Breakfast for six hours improves the working memory of older people with prediabetes”.

Or working memory determines the ability to “keep in mind” small pieces of information that are necessary for successful momentary mental activities such as reasoning, planning and solving daily problems.

Turmeric is widely used in cooking, especially in Asia. Yellow powder gives turmeric spice which contains up to 6%. It is this substance, the researchers believe, has an active effect on the disorder.

While the Taiwanese scientists studied the effect on memory of traditional Asian product, at the annual meeting of the Society for neuroscience in Washington, researchers from Texas talked about how memory affects the music. It turned out that professional musicians have excellent long-term memory and their speed of thinking greatly exceeds that of ordinary people.

The ability of trained music people respond faster to linguistic tasks and the benefits of their working memory was discovered previous studies. The scientists, among them Dr. Chikang Park (Heekyeong Park), decided to test how these opportunities affect long-term memory.

The study involved 14 professional musicians with experience more than 15 years and 15 people, far from the world of music. Both groups of subjects received the same series of images and a set of words to memorize. During testing, the nervous reaction of the brain was studied by scientists using electroencephalography.

As it turned out, musicians have better long-term memory in relation to the images, but did not show significant differences on memorization of verbal elements.

In addition, professional musicians showed the best nerves. Associated with decision-making areas in the middle frontal region of the brain worked for them faster a third — half a second compared to subjects in the control group. The reaction of the parietal lobes that are related to feelings, memory and attention, ahead of indicator of ordinary people by almost a second.

Causes the best performance of memory and nervous reactions of the musicians is not yet known, but Dr. Park believes that all the matter in a professional activity, because musicians have to learn to remember the score and keep track of them during performances.

Whatever the reasons, the Texas study suggests that music education has a great positive effect on cognitive ability.

Good health and a wonderful memory!