The suburbs: is there a battle for the house and land?

The borders of Moscow have not changed since 1984. What problems can arise as a result of the current expansion of the city? In Luzhkov’s Moscow, there was no private ownership of land, in fact there is none today. At the same time in Moscow practice of privatization of land there are more than a dozen years. How to get out of this conflict is not very clear.

In addition, in the Moscow region district heads and mayors are elected by the population; in the capital, neither the mayor nor the County residents do not choose. Local government in Moscow is mere imitation, whereas in the region is perfectly formed system. What happens when you merge? Surely the mayor wants, so he chose not Putin and Medvedev, and Moscow?!

In the merged territories live in the village are cottages and cottage settlements of Moscow. Interested to learn how to master the land? Whether to buy them at the market price, or for urban purposes, it is sufficient to send a convoy of bulldozers, applying the experience gained in South Butovo in the notorious village of “Rechnik”? And yet there is a more recent practice in the Olympic Sochi. There is also successfully helped people to get rid of their own real estate.

Of course, a full-scale bulldozer, the war in the suburbs is unlikely to happen, but the fact remains: the struggle for land and property will be affected by the interests of hundreds of thousands of people — rural residents, and residents. According to the survey conducted by “Levada center”, 40.4% of Muscovites dissatisfied future expansion of Moscow.

It is easy to imagine through the land of a horticultural society, some of SNT Lesnoe, will begin to pave the way vnutridiskovogo values. The gardens, which fifty years will not need the city. About home gardeners (and sometimes it is very sturdy construction) and say nothing. What is a two-storey garden house, built with his own hands for many years, by the standards of the city officials? It’s not even the peanuts, and just nothing. The comma in combination “to carry it is impossible to leave” will draw after the first word. And why, actually?

And I think that the history with the Khimki forest in comparison with such cases the authorities seem harmless child’s play.

For existing plans, Moscow needs to expand in five years. Hot heads in the state Duma went further. Deputies from the LDPR faction proposed today to share in the Moscow region on part of the land area within a radius of 100 (or 50) miles to connect to the capital, and the remaining pieces to distribute to neighboring areas.

In fact, the expansion of Moscow is a struggle for resources. In modern Russia, everything is decided by money and depend on the presence (or absence) of material resources. Not so impressive nor the people’s front Putin, Zyuganov, nor the militia, nor the extravagant proposals of Zhirinovsky. We (the population) as if removed from official policy. Important financial and economic decisions are made behind closed doors by a small group of persons, who have contrived to call themselves elite.

This approach is observed in the upcoming two-fold increase in the territory of Moscow. Perhaps some experts and evaluated the effectiveness of this measure, but the population was not mentioned. Glad tidings came to our village, ugh! in Moscow, suddenly. And correctly. The fathers of the nation with an iron hand will drive us to happiness.

* * *The legitimacy of elites is determined by the feelings of society. Do we feel that the oligarchs, the St. Petersburg security officers and officials in Moscow are our elite? If Yes, then all is well. Otherwise, there is a revolution or elite start repressions against certain groups of the population.

Anyway, the positive social meanings gradually disappear from the Russian reality. We slip not even in feudalism, and in the stone age. Doubt? Probably you do not know their country.