What dream thermometer in the dream?

The thermometer in the dream is a frequent speaker auspicious symbol signifying the successful progress of important cases. If you had a broken thermometer, be ready that soon can get sick. When the temperature goes sharply down, which means a forced change of plans. Assumptions of the dreamer were incorrect. When raising the column value in reverse: you can count on success.

Family dream book

Pay attention to the details of the dream, then you will be able to identify exactly what having a thermometer:

Dream lovers

The thermometer in the dream indicates dissatisfaction of the dreamer’s family life, or dissatisfaction in the partner. Remember as much detail of the dream. If the thermometer dropped, get ready for quarrels and scandals, or come up with a plan to avoid them.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

Different pictures of the dreaming:

If you saw the thermometer is broken or deformed, try to tame your character to not be in the midst of a quarrel, to avoid problems with business partners. Even if in the dream the sign was favourable, beware of symptoms of excessive emotion, the demonstration of negative character traits. This will help you later in life.