What’s Inside Raveena Daha’s Makeup Bag? | Makeup Secrets & Tips | Mouna raagam 2 | Ratchasan

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Raveena (Known as Raveena Daha) is a popular Indian Actress, who mainly works in the Tamil movie and television industry. Raveena started her acting career at the age of 4 ½. She has acted in serials like Thangam, Poove Poochudava etc. She is Currently Acting in Mouna Raagam 2. She has got into limelight by acting in movies like Jilla, Ratchasan.,Here in this video Raveena shows us her mini makeup bag, the things that she uses regularly for makeup. she also does makeup to our anchor in a fun segment. watch this video and let your comments below!

Host: Sri Vidhya | Reporter: Suriya Gomathi | Camera: Ramesh Kannan, Suresh kumar | Edit: Shreeraj | Producer: Priyanka

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