Why we say so: soar falcons eagles

1. Soar, falcons, eagles,Full of grief gorevette case podv field camp to stand.Felts…Felts case satyamev field camp to stand.

2. Tampered linen,Sea street noise.Paranoiline gilded cupolas burn.Paranoiline gilded cupolas burn.

3. Boil then volountary game.Story on the system will go stanowi ride Hooray, Hooray, Hooray.Stroy Stroy Stroy on…on the system will go, stanowi ride Hooray, Hooray, Hooray.

“Soar, falcons, eagles” — is a prayer to the God of heaven Ten-Gris (תן גרי /ten GRI — “Let courage”):בזה וי טיסה /BSE Wai yew//WSJ Wei yew= “In this God fly!”.The name of God וי /Wei — “to blow, to dispel, breezed (אל וי //e Wei — “Wei God” Vaal”,i.e.the wind. The word — sound in the word פה טיסה /PE Tisa = “mouth, mouth + fly = “the BIRD” or פת יצא /Pyt Itza = “Bread + fly away to come” — because the birds peck the bread and fly away”סקל] ] – סוקל /Socal — “beat like a stone” bird “Falcon” hit the prey like a stone, so that only the feathers fly![סקר ] – סוקר /soccer — “make review” — the commander-infantry (פחה /Pecha — “commander” — hence the Infantry) produces the show and calls: “soar, falcons, eagles”סכה] – סוכה /Socha — “look, you see” — again, the examination carried out by the commander-pehom.אל סוכה /Socha El = “God sees”. The generals were saying — “Forward, soldiers, God looks at you, gives you Courage “סכוי /shikui — “hope”סכה /such A — “hut, tent” — in the song line:”Maybe the thing under the tents In a field camp to stand.The word “Tent” from שטר /Shatar “procedure”,i.e.“military camp”. built under the Charter. In Hebrew mystara — משטרה /”police” — a “watching order”.

There white city of the plain…”/ White-city means that this city is not only “white color”, but in him dwells the God Bel, suggestive of fear and panic (בהל /white — “fear, panic”) on the enemy.

אראל/Arel — “angel”